Friday, July 14, 2017

The Perfect....Dishrag?

I'll bet that there are a lot of people out there with stacks of dishcloths knitted with Aunt Lydia's or Peaches & Creme cotton yarn....and some of them are not knitters, just grateful recipients. We have at least a dozen well worn dishcloths in the drawer and several that we use as facecloths in the shower.

I'm aiming for the perfect dishrag, and facecloth for that matter. I prefer a slightly smaller cloth for the kitchen and one that allows me to grab each end and scrub my back in the shower. I can do with a more loosely knitted rag for the kitchen, but I prefer something more closely knitted for the bath...closer fabric makes for a softer cloth, depending on the yarn. So, I'm experimenting with needle size and how many stitches to increase before starting the decreases, depending on it's intended use.

In stash diving a couple of weeks ago, I found several balls of Peaches & Creme in two shades of denim blue that is so soft! They should make great facecloths. Some of the cotton yarn I have on cones tends to be not so soft and I am using that for dishcloths. I'm almost finished with the second denim blue cloth and I think these are just what my daughter needs for her house...

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