Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stress Relief

So. It is nice to be back online since losing the internet at 9:00 yesterday morning, but the switch-over from TV Cable of Grayson County to Cable One (who bought them out) has finally taken place. Instead of a coaxial cable coming from the wall into the TV we now have the dreaded cable box. I managed to get it set up. Sort of. We can get the channels we signed up for but I couldn't get to the "Livewire Start Up Screen" and the mute button doesn't work on the remote. We now have a TV remote, a Roku remote, a BluRay remote AND now a Cable remote. The only channels I wanted were the local news channels, PBS, and EWTN, so I am good to go. The real plus with Cable One is.....drum roll please...150 Mbps internet speed. Which beats the fool out of 12 Mbps (if we were lucky), but more like 3 Mbps with Grayson Cable. BTW, I would like to state that Robbie with Cable One was great when he came out to trouble shoot our internet problems.

Now to the 'stress relief' bit. The only way to put the frustration of dealing with tech people over the phone behind me is to knit or sit at the spinning wheel.....and watch Big Bang Theory. I did some spinning on the Merino/Bamboo blend while waiting for Robbie to get here. Now that we can watch TV, and I have the Roku and BluRay connected to the internet, I am going to spend the rest of the evening knitting. Back to regularly scheduled Big Bang Theory on BluRay and my knitting needles...

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