Sunday, July 9, 2017

Creativity as Stress Relief

Obviously, anyone can see I've been in a blogging slump for months. Same thing for spinning, knitting, and weaving. I have momentarily lost my mojo. So, I decided to freshen up my blog, streamline some things and get rid of the 'clutter.' Then, I asked an online friend to tell me what she thinks. One of the things she liked about the old look was my rambling 'no excuse to be bored' comment on the header, so I will revisit that later. She really got my attention when she suggested I blog about how spinning helped me get over a serious injury last year. So. Here goes...

So many times I hear, and have experienced it myself, about spinners, knitters, weavers...crafters in general...having to take time off because the things we love can impact us negatively over time, i.e. carpal tunnel, lower back and knee problems while spinning...the list is long.

I knew last year that my spinning time would be limited, for quite some time, to one of the single treadle wheels I own. It was the left ankle I broke, so treadling with my right foot worked until I was able to get back to the double treadle Sonata, Hedwig, when I began my physical therapy. The Sonata is easy and smooth to treadle and added no stress to my rehab. Never imagined I would end up with a badly broken ankle in the first place, or that the thing I love so much would actually help me regain flexibility in my ankle.

Back to my creativity slump. I found a bag of mini skeins from Jo Dee Fish of Fishknits Yarn in my stash and decided to find something to do with them in the hopes of getting back in the groove. I cast on for a diagonal scarf in garter stitch...something easy that doesn't require a great deal of brain cells to knit. I'm actually making myself knit a little every day. Seems like it's taking forever, but at least there is progress. I will post a photo of the scarf when I have begun knitting the next mini skein.

This one is for you, Steph. Thanks for the input!
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