Monday, July 10, 2017

Assessing Social Media

I came to the realization that I am no longer using some social media sites and decided it was time to cut my ties so to speak. I used to be so active in several Ravelry groups, but I have rarely used the site in months. I was down to one small group and I can keep up with several in that group on FB, so I decided to delete my Ravelry account.

I encountered a minor amount of negative feedback, but I guess that was to be expected. Still, what point is there in having a social media account that I don't use? I already have a long list of downloaded patterns and I will never get them all knitted up! My hat pattern wasn't selling anymore so I closed my Rav shop. I will be setting up something else online to sell patterns, with the help of my daughter, very soon.

I also deleted my Twitter account. Very little of what I saw was of interest and I can get the same sort of thing from the same sources on FB. Again...why have an account I don't use?

It feels good to clean house via social media....and speaking of cleaning house...virtual cleaning is one thing....actual physical HOUSE cleaning is another. Catch you later. My housewife guilt just kicked in. There is a pile of dirty laundry waiting on me and I can't see the top of the dining table for the clutter piled on top of it, and the clean dishes need to be put away!

And my husband just got home with dinner...
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