Monday, April 3, 2017

Spindle Spinning

Recently, I decided to break out my spindles. I have several nice Turkish spindles from Jeri Brock Woodworks, but I don't use them as often as I should. Not being in the mood for sitting at one of my wheels, I am enjoying working with these little jewels and my spindle spinning is improving.

I carry one with me when away from the house and pull it out when I have a few minutes: doctor's waiting room, coffee cafe drive thru, when I am early for a massage appointment. It adds up fairly quickly.  Need to weigh my singles when the spindles are full to get an idea of final yardage and check my wraps per inch of plied yarn.

DFW Fiber Fest is coming up very soon and I will be looking for a large Turkish spindle to add to the collection. The larger ones are great for plying and will hold a good amount of yarn. I did a Navajo ply on one of the medium spindles and was well pleased with it. Now doing my best to get as much packed on a spindle as I can before plying.

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