Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life Has Taken an Interesting Turn

So, I was just running errands. Dropping off groceries for our daughter while she was at work. The grandkids helped carry the bags into the house. Then, with a bag in each hand, I stepped wrong, twisted my ankle and went down on the concrete in front of the porch. My left ankle snapped when I went down with my full weight, all 210 pounds, on it.

That was just before noon on Thursday, July 21st. I now have a metal plate, wire, and screws holding my foot on. Came home Monday evening, the 25th. No weight bearing at all for at least a month, then we will see how things are going. It was a VERY bad break. I have a heavy support boot on my left foot that I haven't taken off since Dr. Cranford put it on me. I see him on Aug 2nd to have the dressing changed.

I have a Cloud recliner with automatic foot rest and a bed with a firm mattress so I am able to get as comfortable as possible. I foresee some finished WIP on the horizon, knitting, inkle weaving, and some spinning on my little Turkish spindles. I can access books, daily scripture readings and Liturgy of the Hours readings on my Kindle. And we have Netflix, Amazon streaming and Acorn Online to watch. Needless to say, life just slowed down and there isn't anything I can do about it, lol.
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