Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Finished Project & WIP

Cast on for a pair of socks July 10th. Finished them on July 20th. I would like to cast on a pair and dedicate my time to finishing them as quickly as possible just to see how long it actually takes to knit a pair of women's socks. I scored some Knit Picks Felici  in Time Traveler colorway. It's not one they keep on hand so I bought plenty. I used Jo Torr's Vanilla Sock pattern for these, Vanilla Time Traveler Socks. Planning on a scarf and hat in the same yarn.

Having finished one project I dug into my pile of Works In Progress (WIP) and resurrected my High Tides Scarf using Fishknits self striping yarn in Aqua on Strong Heart base. It knits up fairly quickly and I am about half-way thru the skein of yarn and the scarf is 31" long. I am laying it out on a towel and giving it a gentle steam with the steam iron after every 40 row pattern repeat.

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