Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fiber Prep, Spinning, & Lung Health

After my second bout with bronchitis in four months I am rethinking my approach to preparing fiber and spinning it. Obviously there will be fiber floating about when using a drum carder, hand cards, blending board or wool combs. But simply fluffing up some commercially prepared fiber before spinning it can release tiny bits of fiber into the air. And when spinning there will also be some fiber floating around, perhaps bits that are too tiny to be seen.

I don't know that all the spinning I did during the week of Spinzilla 2015 last October contributed to the bronchitis I suffered the following month, but lately I am beginning to wonder about being more careful when handling fiber.

I've had asthma since I was a child. Pet dander is the biggest offender to my poor lungs and it is fairly easy for me to avoid being around pets,  but house dust is also a trigger. There is absolutely NO way I can avoid house dust and I used to wear a dust mask when cleaning. I believe that is something I need to do from now on. Which begs the question: If I should wear a dust mask when cleaning the house, and mowing the lawn for that matter, why shouldn't I be wearing one when preparing fiber? Good question.

As soon as I am over my current bout of bronchitis....and the weather permits....I plan on getting to work preparing fiber for spinning. I own a drum carder, blending board, and wool combs. I have pounds and pounds of fiber in my studio. There is a table in the garage. Time to get to work!
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