Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Epic Knitting & New Fiber Source

Fini! I finally finished the epic knitting project that began in....2009. Sad but true. It's taken me that long to actually finish the bloomin thing. But I love it. This was the last of my Made in America, Lion Brand Fisherman Wool in brown and oatmeal. Still have oodles of the yarn in natural. Sadly, it is made in China now.

Finished measurement: 62" square. Will easily cover the top of a full size bed or me and the entire recliner! I love it. Perfect weight. Didn't stretch it at all for blocking. Just smoothed it out and let it dry outside on an old bedspread in the shade.

And I recently found another Etsy shop for my fiber needs: Allons-y Fiber Arts by Bethanne Elion. Couldn't resist the name of the shop. Sigh. I'm a sucker for Ten. What can I say? Following her on FB, Twitter, & Ravelry. This is what arrived in the mail today...

Gorgeous, gorgeous Targhee fiber. Can hardly wait to spin some up on Hedwig. I would go out on the front porch to spin, but.....I can smell smoke from someone burning brush ( bronchitis doesn't need that) AND the bloomin wasps are back. Sigh.
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