Friday, February 5, 2016

Longest WIP

I have started several sock projects over the past month, always nice to have small projects that can be tucked into my purse when I am away from home. But, I also have a WIP (Work in Progress) that I began in November of....ready for this?....2009!!!! OMG! I had no idea it's been that bloomin' long!

The thing is, it's a heavy wool throw out of Lion Brand Fisherman Wool and I really don't enjoy working on it in the warm months. It is a Stonington Shawl pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman that I thought would make a nice afghan to use in the winter.

I am going to see how much of the edging I can get done along the first edge this evening. It's a simple pattern that doesn't require many brain cells and is perfect for TV knitting. And when I am tired of working on it I can just let it lay across my lap and grab a sock to work on for awhile....or read my email... or check my Facebook page...

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