Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Changes in Lifestyle

After finishing my purification program with Standard Process I decided to try adding a few servings of wheat spread out over several days. End result: bloating, upset tummy, sleepless nights. The following week I tried adding a couple of servings of dairy. Same result. Ate a Mounds Bar one afternoon and wished I hadn't. Not as bad a result as the wheat and dairy, but I now have NO taste for any of it. I also put three pounds back on as a result of my little experiment.

Each time I do a cleansing diet I find I lose my appetite for the things I shouldn't eat anyway. I think  it will be a long time before I am tempted to go back to old eating habits. I am determined to get the excess weight off and I really enjoy the morning smoothies, green salad for lunch and fish, chicken or lean meat with veggies for dinner.
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