Thursday, February 4, 2016

And....I'm Back!

After taking a month off from blogging I am ready to get back to it. Health issues are resolved  after a three week purification program thru my chiropractor on top of medications from my pulmonologist. The pulled muscle in my arm is mending nicely.

While on my break I intended to set up a website with Word Press and transfer my blog thru Blue Note. Mistake! It was very confusing and frustrating. I thought I was going to be billed monthly only to be told when I got to the verification part of the process that I was expected to pay the entire amount up front. That convinced me the whole thing was a huge mistake. I was transferred to billing to cancel  and ended up with someone who wanted to argue with me about it.Then, I didn't get my email verification and called back to check on it. Seems that they had a 5 min power outage and the email didn't go thru! THEN, while filling in the pertinent data on the form from the link in the email that was resent, I got an error message. The whole thing sucked. Big time. Never again. blog will stay a blog right here. On Blogger. No confusing website hosting thingy for me!
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