Saturday, December 12, 2015


There is a monthly, 2nd Saturday, Spin-In at Apple Leef Farm east of Van Alstyne, Texas that I have enjoyed for years. However, due to a variety of things over the past several months, I have missed the regular meetings. Until today.

It was so nice to see the regulars again. We had goodies to munch, wine to sip, gifts to exchange and lots of fiber related things to catch up on. I almost finished spinning the last little bit of cotton sliver onto a bobbin before I left to head back home. I hope to finish that up this evening and begin plying it with a second bobbin before I go to bed tonight. This is all there is to spin...

I got a wonderful knitted hat in the gift exchange and my number was drawn for a free book! I made out like a bandit today.


 I also picked up a book on double weave and a big bottle of Eucalan for washing my handspun yarn and knitted items and borrowed an audio book from the library: Elephants Can Remember. Love Agatha Christie. Now I will have something to listen to as I spin or knit when I can't find anything on TV or Netflix to interest me.

I even managed to grab some dinner from the deli on the way home and missed any heavy rainfall. It's been a blessed day and I look forward to spending the evening with Brad, kicked back in the recliner, watching Doc Martin on Acorn.
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