Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ready, Set, Blend Those Fibers!

Except for clearing away a surface on which to work, I am ready to start blending fiber on my Ashford Blending Board. I love the large surface and the fine teeth on this board. I'm not interested in chunky art yarn so the finer cloth is perfect for my needs. I tend to spin finely and want to be able to blend well for an airy rolag while still incorporating a variety of textures, color,  and fibers for some interesting spinning.

Leef had some dyed wool locks that I couldn't resist as well as some mohair locks that I can dye myself or use without dying. I also got a couple of ounces of tencel for shine and some gold sparkly stuff to add....sparkle!

I will delve into my fiber stash tomorrow and pull out some natural, and dyed, wool top and some silk to add to the pile for blending.
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