Friday, December 18, 2015

No White Christmas

According to the weatherman, there will be no white Christmas for us in north Texas this year, not that we would mind a bit of snow about's the ice storms we can do without. It will actually be about 70° on Christmas Day this year.

I was looking back thru some photos from January and February of 2011 when we had snow on the ground. It was lovely and we needed the moisture.

Then I found one from February of this year...totally forgot about having snow this year.

Perhaps we will end up with snow after the first of the year this season. I love sitting in the house all snug and warm and watching snow fall while I knit or spin or work at the loom.

I still have a little bit left to spin on the current bobbin and I will be ready to ply it. This is all the fiber I have left to spin from my Loop bump. Probably about 15 minutes worth of spinning then I can start a Navajo ply.

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