Friday, December 11, 2015

Keeping Notes for Repeatable Blends

It occured to me that before I get very much further along the path of blending fiber on the blending board, or the drum carder for that matter, that I need to start making notes of how much of each fiber I use in my blends and how I layer them if I want to be able to repeat a combination at a later date.

As I was looking thru my fiber stash I just grabbed three bags of fiber that caught my eye. One was washed and flick carded brown wool locks. I didn't make a note of the sheep breed but the fiber is fine and crimpy. Another bag contained camel down and tussah silk roving and the third had bits and pieces of dyed silk. I picked out mostly green silk and a little orange to use in my blend.

The first layer was brown wool, then the tussah/camel down blend with silk on the top layer. I started spinning when I realized I hadn't snapped a photo of the four rolags I took off the board. I wound two of them end to end for the photo below.

I had .8 ounces of fiber to spin and will measure yardage after I wash it. I wound my singles into a center pull ball for plying.

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