Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Planning

I knew I wasn't going to be in a position to get a bunch of stuff woven or knitted for gifts this year so I didn't even try. Too much going on to be able to focus since July when our daughter and grand children moved  to Texas from Virginia. So, instead, I will focus on getting the house ready for Christmas over the next two weeks.

Husband finishes up with his Police Academy class this week: final exams in the morning, state licensing exam Thursday, graduation on Friday. He will finish scheduling the next academy classes that begin in January and then he can relax and enjoy being home for Christmas.

We put up the tree together each year and trim it while listening to our favorite Christmas music and enjoying homemade goodies. It's a nice way to put aside work and begin family time together. We've both been ill for over a month and I am behind in my housecleaning and need to get things tidied away so I don't need to spend time on that instead of enjoying our time together.

I should be able to add to our collection of homemade ornaments for the tree between now and then. I still have some red satin covered ornaments that can be covered with knitted or tatted lace and I will take a look at patterns on Ravelry for more ideas. The plan is to keep it simple. And small.
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