Thursday, December 10, 2015

Got it Figured Out!

My first attempt at the blending board had mixed results. Yes, I got fiber distributed evenly. No, I didn't overload it. But I had difficulty rolling my rolags the first go round. Then it dawned on me I wasn't lifting the dowels to allow the fibers to slide down properly. It was wound too tightly and it took ages to get the first rolag doffed!

I did a test run before I went to bed with some fiber I had at hand. This morning I picked thru my stash and decided on two different batches of BFL/Silk blend, one a creamy natural and the other a heather gray. I tossed in a little gold sparkle and some white tencel.

My first layer was the creamy BFL mix, then the sparkle, then the tencel, then the other BFL mix. It wound into rolags like a dream.

Then I sat down to spin it up and decided on a two ply, so I just wound off the singles yarn into a center pull ball to ply it. I haven't measured yardage yet...I just used my little sample niddy noddy I keep in a bag attached to my wheel. I will wash it and measure it tomorrow when I get a little more spun and plied in different blends. This is half an ounce.

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