Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Good Intentions

I am really, really, really enjoying blogging on a daily basis. It's been a huge help to me to focus on the things I enjoy every day, not just knitting, or just spinning, etc.

In the spirit of continuing on in my present mode of being more organized and dedicated in this pursuit, I have decided it would be good if I can pick a time of the day, or evening for that matter, and set aside the same time, every day, for posting on my blog. I seem to have more inclination of late to do so of an evening so I may continue on at present posting in the evenings.

It occurs to me as I sit here typing that I could work on a draft off and on during the day and have it ready to post by say, 7:00 pm each evening. As my husband would say, "Sounds like a plan, honey!"
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