Monday, December 28, 2015

Cotton Singles Plied

Good to be back blogging. Gave my arm the rest it needed and no more tingling fingers! I had just finished plying my cotton singles off of the bobbins instead of spinning more full bobbins of the same fiber for bobbins were all full and I needed to get some empty.

The three bobbins on the left were wound off into center-pull balls for plying.

This is the result. Three more skeins of 2 ply fingering weight yarn.

I had a smidgen left from the green cotton that was too much for the bobbin so I am plying it on a spindle.

I now have a basket full of plied cotton yarn, some to be used on the loom, some to be used for knitting.

And I am re-knitting a cowl on larger needles. It's the Cupido Cowl. I've knitted this pattern many times. The Miss Babs yarn is very 'springy' and stretchy. It made a dense fabric on size a size 7 needle and I am now using a 10 1/2 needle and very happy with the result.

edited to add:

'Doctor Who Christmas Special' rolags from Classy Squid Fiber Co. Spinning up nicely.
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