Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tea, Knitting, & the 11th Doctor

Felt the need for some hot tea while working on my knitting today...

Started wool socks for my Sweet Babu back in February. I usually divide my skein of yarn in half and cast on for both socks using the toe-up method. (In this case, hubby's size 13 feet require more than one skein) I do toe increases on one sock, then repeat for the second sock. Then I knit an inch or two on one sock and then switch to the other sock so that my gauge stays the same. I decided to finish the ribbing on one sock before starting the ribbing on the second sock, got it completely done, and put it in 'time out' because the ribbing was too snug. Grrr.

Socks knitted on 2mm/size 0 needles give me a fabric that wears so much better and are much more comfortable than knitting them on larger needles. But these socks need ribbing done on a 2.5mm/size 1 needle. Recently, I got the second sock out, still needing the ribbing done, and started with the larger needle. Second sock is now done. I have raveled back the ribbing from the first sock and started over with the 2.5 mm needle. Something about 80 sts with K2, P2 ribbing is hard on my wrists for some reason so I need to switch to something easier to give my hands a rest. I have several UFO's in project bags that I can work on when I am tired of sock ribbing.

 While sitting in my recliner sipping tea and knitting, I enjoy watching one of my Doctor Who discs. I have all the episodes from Season One with the Ninth Doctor to Season Nine, Part One of the 12th Doctor. I am currently watching the 11th Doctor....Angels Take Manhattan.

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