Saturday, November 21, 2015

Practical Knitting

I am always on the lookout for projects that are practical and useful, but attractive at the same time. While checking out some things on Pinterest I discovered this site, Berlin's Whimsy, and a knitted scrubby for the kitchen that uses tulle netting and cotton yarn together.

There is plenty of coned cotton to choose from in my studio and I just happened to have some green tulle. It is working out quite nicely and I am nearly done with my first scrubby. Just a few more rows and then I will bind off. My hands are small so I don't need it to be very large and I decided that a square would work nicely and fit on the stainless steel soap dish I keep beside the kitchen sink.

I chose a 10.5 needle and I am managing, most of the time, to fold the netting over the yarn as I knit. The ends of the strips are tied together and I wound a center pull ball on my Strauch winder. I had one yard of netting but it is plenty when cut 1 1/2" wide.

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