Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Planning a Weaving Project

Earlier this year I joined a weaving group on Facebook and was fortunate enough to win a drawing for  some 100% silk yarn from Belgium. Filip Elgers gave those of us who won two conditions for receiving the yarn. One, we choose another member of the group and send 1/4 of the yarn we receive to that person. Two, we post a photo of a finished project with the silk yarn.

I drew a name and sent off 4 cones of silk to someone in Canada. Then I set about planning to weave a scarf out of some of the silk. I have wound off the warp and when I finish the current wool scarf on the loom I will warp for the silk scarf. This is the silk I received...

I now have twelve cones left. The first project will be a herringbone scarf in the natural silk. Later I will plan several scarves in a long painted warp.
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