Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lovely, Lovely Fiber!

When I began spinning back in the mid '80's there were no websites. There were no nice, locally owned spinning and weaving shops with roving, sliver, and raw wool. The first fleece I bought was a joint purchase with someone in a guild an hour and a half drive from me who placed the order and shipped me my fleece. I won a Jacob fleece at a spinning and weaving retreat in 1994 and I eventually had both those fleeces processed at a local mill which is now closed. I still have a pound of the Merino sliver to spin.

And about twelve ounces of the Jacob sliver lurking somewhere in one of these boxes...

Fortunately, there is a great place where I can find a lot of wonderful fiber, Apple Leef Farm, in Van Alstyne, Texas, a forty-five minute drive from me.

Before that there was a shop in McKinney, Texas, Woolenworks, where most of my fiber was purchased. I miss that shop. I have many fond memories of time spent and purchases made in that shop.

And I recently found another shop in Lewisville, Texas, Fiberlady. They had a booth at Stitches Texas and are conveniently located five minutes from our Naturopath at Whole Body Healing Center. I bought some bamboo fiber from them at Stitches. (eta: photo of bamboo, bright red fiber on the right below, from Fiber Lady)

This is 80/20 Merino/Bombyx silk from Red Fish Dye Works,
ordered at Stitches (edited because I got my photos and sources confuzzled)

I have also ordered from, and bought directly from, Two if by Hand. They had a booth at Stiches Texas.

There was some gorgeous fiber at a booth at DFW Fiber Fest, Alisha Goes Around that caught my eye because I. Love. GREEN.

I have also purchased fiber online from The Loop. This was my first order...

This is the fiber I just ordered from The Loop.

 Also awaiting shipment are myTARDIS rolags from Classy Squid.

I am truly grateful for all the wonderful indie dyers and fiber processors out there with online shops and booths at fiber fairs. God bless you all and THANK YOU for feeding my fiber habit.
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