Monday, November 30, 2015

Love lace knitting, just not in a waiting room!

One of the things I love to knit most is anything with a lace pattern. I am enjoying the Advent Calendar Scarf very much and almost, I say almost, took it with me to the doctor's office today. Then I came to my senses and grabbed a sock that needs the ribbing finished, and stuck the project bag in my purse instead. A waiting room is really not the place for me to try and concentrate on a chart pattern for lace! Especially when working on a 3 mm, size 2 needle and lace weight yarn...

That got me to thinking about different projects and switching between them. I like socks knitted on a 2mm, size 0 needle, and fingering yarn. Switching back and forth from the Advent Calendar Scarf and socks is a nice change. Lots of plain knit 2, purl 2 ribbing. Doesn't require a lot of brain cells for that.

Something else plain, or at least an easy pattern of some sort, to swap off from the lace knitting, is the High Tides scarf knitted on a 4 mm, size 6 needle with fingering yarn. Then there is my current Ludlow Shawl on a 4.5 mm, size 7 needle with fingering yarn. Great project. Lots of lovely garter stitch with enough color changes to be interesting.

There was a time I didn't dare have more than one project going at a time...I would never get anything finished! But, somewhere along the line, something changed. I have drawers full of finished scarves, cowls, shawls, and socks all knitted in the last several years and a yarn stash that is embarrassingly HUGE to work from. And then there is my fiber stash for spinning....sigh.
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