Friday, November 27, 2015

Double Thick Knitted Potholder Pattern

Sugar N Cream coned cotton
24" & 47” circular needle, size 5/3.75 mm, or size needed for gauge
Gauge: 5 stitches per inch in stocking stitch

This potholder is cast on using Judy’s Magic Loop. There are no increases as in a toe-up sock, it is simply a knitted pocket that will be folded back in a diagonal and the open end grafted to close it. It is a knitted version of a crocheted potholder.

Cast on a total of 100 sts, 50 stitches on each side using Judy’s Magic Loop. I got 5 stitches per inch with a size 5 needle in a firm, not tight, gauge. Knitting too tightly with heavier cotton yarn is hard on hands and wrists. Make sure to use whatever needle you need to get gauge and be able to knit in a relaxed manner.

I prefer a 47” long circular needle for Magic Loop. You might prefer a shorter needle, just make sure that you are not putting too much stress at the point where the cable connects to the tip of the needle. Do not let the loose beginning fool you. The gauge firms up after you get past the first round of knitting.  I opted for  a 10" diagonal measurement to allow for it to shrink a bit when it's been washed. My potholders tend to need washing on occasion.  Be sure to make the first stitch on each side snug to avoid a gap. You will be working on the diagonal. The sides of the finished potholder will be shorter. I let the tail end from the cast on mark the beginning of the round.

Continue in stockinette stitch for approximately 3".

Knit the first 25 stitches of a round and switch to the 24" needle, making this the new beginning of your round, placing a marker when you finish the round with the 24" needle.

Since my diagonal measurement is 10" I will knit until the pocket measures 5" and then graft the opening shut.

Now for a soak in warm water and blocking. Then I will sew in the ends and attach a plastic ring to one corner.
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