Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent is Here!

It hardly seems possible, but today is the first day of Advent! Since hubby and I are still recovering from bronchitis we will remain home from church today....some things you just don't want to share with others, hacking and coughing being one of them!

I will spend my knitting time today working on the Advent scarf I began this time last year. Hopefully, I can have it finished before Christmas is here and still get some work done on socks and other things currently under construction.

I like the 2011 version of the scarf but there are other versions as well. Any of you who are familiar with Ravelry, and interested in knitting the 2011 Advent Calendar Scarf, can find the link here:

(Scroll down to find the listing for 2011 or choose a different year if you prefer.)

You can view a finished version of this scarf on Jo Dee Fish's Ravelry page here: Year Long Advent Calendar Scarf.

Going to give the Fleegle Beader a test run. Bought it at DFW Fiber Fest in March.

(edited to eliminate a duplicate link.....edited again when I found my Fleegle Beader...)
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