Wednesday, October 21, 2015

UFO's....(That's UnFinished Objects)

I am making an effort to make a dent in my HUGE fiber stash and decided that I really need to address the issue of a dozen unfinished knitting projects as well. There are also three weaving projects in various stages of construction, but a DOZEN knitting projects??? Really???

First up I need to figure out why my stitch count is off on my Geology Gradient Shawl.

 And then I need to finish the ribbing on Brad's gray socks. I use size 0 needles to knit socks but the ribbing is a bit snug on the first one so I started the ribbing on the second one with size 1 needles. Then I will go back and redo the ribbing on the first sock. He wears a size 13 shoe. It takes awhile to finish socks for him, but I enjoy it and he loves the hand-knitted socks.

 I will tackle the other projects later, including three cowls, five scarves, a beaded cap and another shawl. And I just remembered the lap throw in fisherman wool that needs a lace border.

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