Saturday, October 3, 2015

Time to Blog!

It's been a year.  Haven't felt like blogging but I am going to make an effort to get back in the swing of things. Been getting ready for my first Spinzilla and looking forward to the experience.

Hedwig is cleaned and oiled. I've sorted thru stash and set out five pounds of assorted fibers to choose from. Need to do a bit of prepping before spinning. All of my bobbins are empty and it is difficult to stay away from the wheel, but I have been spinning every day for the last couple of weeks. I kept track of my progress this week and I managed to spin 3,696 yards of yarn, 2.1 miles. That total includes both singles and plying. The Merino roving that I spun was 4.0 oz, 572 yds of 2-ply. 2X 572 for singles + 572 for plying = 1,716 yds. So, I have 572 yds of two-ply yarn but I actually spun and plied 1,716 yds to get it.

This is what I have to pick from for spinning.

I am leaning toward the cotton roving, and Merino roving in the basket, for long-draw to off set the slower spinning with the dyed Superwash Merino and the BFL/Silk blend fiber which I will spin short draw for more control. I tend to spin singles for two-ply lace and fingering weight yarn and will aim at filling  two bobbins and plying from them both instead of taking the time to wind yarn off of one bobbin into a center pull ball for a two-ply.

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