Monday, October 12, 2015

Spinzilla 2015: Day 7

Made it past the 3 mile marker with my spinning for Spinzilla 2015. Will definitely have to do this again next October. Really enjoyed a whole week devoted to spinning. After finishing the skein of Cranberry wool/silk the night before I had time to spin and ply two skeins of recycled blue jean cotton. All in all, a good week. The cotton went much faster than the two skeins in the middle and the two skeins on the left went pretty quickly as well since I could spin them long-draw the way I did the cotton. I ended up with 1,959 actual yards of yarn. With plying yardage that jumped to 6,291 yds which is 3.57 miles. I was hoping for 3 so I am happy.

Due to issues with our never ending, unreliable internet connection I was unable to post for Day 7 before now. Actually, I did get a phone call from TV Cable of Grayson County bright and early this morning about the problem. The woman on the phone said she was following up on the report that our modem was offline and we had no internet.

Not true. I reported the usual slow internet speed. (Someone on their end couldn't seem to confirm that I was actually online when I was.) When I told her why I called last night she sounded surprised at my answer, but went on to say that they were working on the last leg of installing fiber optic cable that would solve the issue of slow speed. I said I would believe it when I see it but thanks for calling and hung up. I don't believe her. The speed is OK for now, but that doesn't actually mean anything from past experience. This provider is as reliable as Window's ME.

If we have enough speed tonight to watch streaming video I may begin to believe it but I have been told repeatedly over the years that the problem is fixed only to have the same problem within days or even hours. If we do have decent speed tonight I will see how we are doing a month from now before I fall for the 'it's all fixed now' routine. Sadly, our only other option is dial-up and that ain't happnin'.
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