Monday, October 26, 2015

My Inkle Loom Trio

I purchased my first inkle loom, a 30" table top loom, last August from Jared Wiechert of The Wiener Dog Ranch and fell in love with it, using it initially for card weaving. It holds about 4 1/2 yds of warp. Her name is Margaret. I then ordered wooden cards from Jared and really enjoy weaving with them.

Three months later, I purchased a floor model from Jared that I absolutely love, whether used for inkle weaving or card weaving. It will hold 15 yards of warp. I will eventually warp it for the full warp length, probably for lanyards. I am warping for guitar straps. His name is Gerald, big old masculine loom that he is...

Today I received my mini inkle from Jared and am thrilled, yet again. The other two looms are red oak, this one is maple with red oak pegs and tension paddle. Her name is Marguerite and she will hold just over 2 yds of warp.

And here is a group photo...

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