Friday, October 16, 2015

Good Day for Spinning!

My lovely daughter treated me to lunch for my birthday today at C.J.'s Coffee Cafe and we enjoyed sitting out on the patio while Rob grilled up some fish for fish tacos. Had to give that a try!

I took Hedwig, my Kromski Sonata, and worked on spinning up some more of the recycled denim fiber. Hope to finish that bobbin today. It was three years ago that my darling husband bought Hedwig for my birthday so it only seemed right and proper to spend some time spinning today. We had stopped at The Woolery in Kentucky for me to test drive a Sonata while on a trip to Virginia to visit our daughter and grand-children. Fortunately, we don't have to make that long drive any more since they have moved back to Texas. Best birthday in years having them close by.

Since Spinzilla 2015 was so much fun I decided to try my best to spend some time every day spinning. Eventually I would like to be able to fill a 4 oz bobbin each day.
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