Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ludlow Shawls

I have finished three Ludlow shawls and have plans for a fourth. In order...

Fishknits Strong Heart fingering yarn in Silver Dove, Charcoal & Cranberry
 Fishknits Warm Heart fingering yarn in Peach Chiffon, Early Bloom and Tangelo
Stunning String Luxury fingering yarn in Linen, Dark Camel and Dusty Fern

Next up another one in Fishknits Strong Heart using Mint and Oatmeal with Maize for the border.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Love This Cotton!

I am having a good time spinning up my cotton stash. I have 4 bobbins full of different cotton colors and preparations and working on another. Looks like I have enough of all these in my stash for two 4 oz skeins of them all with slightly less of the 5th, which is a brown and natural white combination. From left to right I have natural green cotton, natural white, a combination of recycled denim and natural white and 100% recycled denim.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hand-spun for Lace Knitting

A few months ago I ordered some fiber from Two If By Hand, 8 oz of BFL top.

And this is how it spun up, singles for lace weight yarn.

And here it is plied, 8 oz/1,850+ yards.

And here is a scarf in progress....all 8 oz in one humongous ball.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weaving With Hand-spun

Earlier this year I spun 8 oz of a Merino/Silk blend into a 2-ply lace weight yarn for a weaving project. I warped 24 epi and wove a herringbone pattern for a wide scarf. I need to finish twisting the fringe but I am happy with the end result, even though I miss calculated on the amount I needed for weft, leaving the finished shawl shorter than I wanted. I spun two bobbins and plied from the bobbins.

The fiber was purchased from Alisha Goes Around at DFW Fiber Fest in March. I had the yarn spun by the end of April, the loom warped by the end of June and the shawl off the loom by the middle of August.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Discovering Treasure in Hidden Fiber

In getting ready for Spinzilla earlier this month I had dug out all my cotton fiber, or so I thought! I put it all into one big basket and slid the basket under my desk in the living room near where I sit to do my spinning. 

Apparently I set a bag of natural cotton roving aside while sorting and weighing everything and forgot it was tucked in between the desk and the file cabinet. It amounts to another 7 oz which will more than allow me to finish one bobbin in the same fiber as well as another full bobbin with some left over. Always nice to uncover treasure, especially if you are a spinner and the treasure is more fiber to spin.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cupido Cowl

I have knit several Cupido Cowls in fingering yarn and decided to knit another one with some yarn that my Tuesday morning coffee buddy, Donna, gave me. It is a skein of Miss Babs DK, Kaweah, in "Shaken Not Stirred" colorway....THE most awesome GREEN I have seen in ages. It should work up fairly fast being DK instead of fingering.

Blocked Geology Gradient

Very happy with the way this Geology Gradient Shawl turned out. Just took it off the blocking mats after being under the ceiling fan all day. The Merino/Silk blend Fishknits yarn makes a gorgeous shawl.

My Inkle Loom Trio

I purchased my first inkle loom, a 30" table top loom, last August from Jared Wiechert of The Wiener Dog Ranch and fell in love with it, using it initially for card weaving. It holds about 4 1/2 yds of warp. Her name is Margaret. I then ordered wooden cards from Jared and really enjoy weaving with them.

Three months later, I purchased a floor model from Jared that I absolutely love, whether used for inkle weaving or card weaving. It will hold 15 yards of warp. I will eventually warp it for the full warp length, probably for lanyards. I am warping for guitar straps. His name is Gerald, big old masculine loom that he is...

Today I received my mini inkle from Jared and am thrilled, yet again. The other two looms are red oak, this one is maple with red oak pegs and tension paddle. Her name is Marguerite and she will hold just over 2 yds of warp.

And here is a group photo...

Finishing Touches

Geology Gradient is pinned out to dry.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Finished. Needs Blocking

I just cast off my Geology Gradient, and managed 2 1/2 repeats of the border lace with 1g, 4 yds left. It will be washed and blocked tomorrow.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Almost Finished

All that is left is four knit rows before beginning the last lace section of the brown Geology Gradient.  I should have the shawl finished sometime tomorrow.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Slow Going (not fond of purling)

I found my stitch count error on my Geology Gradient shawl, got thru layer 4, finally, and will do another repeat of layer 5 before beginning the final lace border. This is my second Geology shawl and as much as I am not fond of purl 3 tog, leave on the needle, yo, purl 3 tog again, it needs another repeat to balance out with the rest of the shawl. I had 6 g of yarn left from the first shawl after adding repeats to the last 2 sections so I will do the same with this version.

Version One: Knitted with Fishknits Serenity, (70/30 Merino/Silk) fingering yarn, Jurassic Park colorway.

The fifth section from the top is what I am working on at the moment in a brown gradient, also Fishknits Serenity. It's worth the extra repeats for the star stitch. Lovely texture.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Finished Inkle Band

Just finished the blue and white inkle band. I liked the firmness of 1 3/4" width but wanted to make it 2" wide to see how I liked it. Most of the width is 2" but the next time I use Sinfonia cotton for a band I will add some warp threads for a firmer 2" wide band. Good learning experience. The length is 54 1/2" without fringe.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

UFO's....(That's UnFinished Objects)

I am making an effort to make a dent in my HUGE fiber stash and decided that I really need to address the issue of a dozen unfinished knitting projects as well. There are also three weaving projects in various stages of construction, but a DOZEN knitting projects??? Really???

First up I need to figure out why my stitch count is off on my Geology Gradient Shawl.

 And then I need to finish the ribbing on Brad's gray socks. I use size 0 needles to knit socks but the ribbing is a bit snug on the first one so I started the ribbing on the second one with size 1 needles. Then I will go back and redo the ribbing on the first sock. He wears a size 13 shoe. It takes awhile to finish socks for him, but I enjoy it and he loves the hand-knitted socks.

 I will tackle the other projects later, including three cowls, five scarves, a beaded cap and another shawl. And I just remembered the lap throw in fisherman wool that needs a lace border.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inkling Along

Decided to warp up one of the inkle looms for a guitar strap and found a simple two-color pattern on Annie MacHale's blog, ASpinnerWeaver,  listed under pattern drafts. She recommends Sinfonia cotton yarn which is a sport weight yarn. I chose blue and white for this band. Annie sells her inkle woven guitar straps here: Weaver Guitar Straps as well as other items in her Etsy shop: A Spinner Weaver.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting there...

One more bobbin filled, 3.5 oz.

I still have another 4 oz of the solid denim fiber to spin as well as another 3.5 oz of the blend.

Also found in my fiber stash: 5 oz of natural white cotton roving,12 oz of natural colored punis, nearly 6 oz of brown/white cotton roving, 11 oz of solid brown, and 11.5 oz of green to spin.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cotton....and More Cotton...

I finally got the one bobbin filled this afternoon in between meals and yard work. The yard is mowed and the grass is trimmed away from the house and the trees for the season, mower cleaned up and ready for winter. All that remains outdoors is to clean out my flower bed and rake up the weeds I have pulled, but tomorrow is another day and it is time to relax for the evening.

Started this bobbin after dinner and will finish up tomorrow.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Good Day for Spinning!

My lovely daughter treated me to lunch for my birthday today at C.J.'s Coffee Cafe and we enjoyed sitting out on the patio while Rob grilled up some fish for fish tacos. Had to give that a try!

I took Hedwig, my Kromski Sonata, and worked on spinning up some more of the recycled denim fiber. Hope to finish that bobbin today. It was three years ago that my darling husband bought Hedwig for my birthday so it only seemed right and proper to spend some time spinning today. We had stopped at The Woolery in Kentucky for me to test drive a Sonata while on a trip to Virginia to visit our daughter and grand-children. Fortunately, we don't have to make that long drive any more since they have moved back to Texas. Best birthday in years having them close by.

Since Spinzilla 2015 was so much fun I decided to try my best to spend some time every day spinning. Eventually I would like to be able to fill a 4 oz bobbin each day.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Spinzilla 2015: Day 7

Made it past the 3 mile marker with my spinning for Spinzilla 2015. Will definitely have to do this again next October. Really enjoyed a whole week devoted to spinning. After finishing the skein of Cranberry wool/silk the night before I had time to spin and ply two skeins of recycled blue jean cotton. All in all, a good week. The cotton went much faster than the two skeins in the middle and the two skeins on the left went pretty quickly as well since I could spin them long-draw the way I did the cotton. I ended up with 1,959 actual yards of yarn. With plying yardage that jumped to 6,291 yds which is 3.57 miles. I was hoping for 3 so I am happy.

Due to issues with our never ending, unreliable internet connection I was unable to post for Day 7 before now. Actually, I did get a phone call from TV Cable of Grayson County bright and early this morning about the problem. The woman on the phone said she was following up on the report that our modem was offline and we had no internet.

Not true. I reported the usual slow internet speed. (Someone on their end couldn't seem to confirm that I was actually online when I was.) When I told her why I called last night she sounded surprised at my answer, but went on to say that they were working on the last leg of installing fiber optic cable that would solve the issue of slow speed. I said I would believe it when I see it but thanks for calling and hung up. I don't believe her. The speed is OK for now, but that doesn't actually mean anything from past experience. This provider is as reliable as Window's ME.

If we have enough speed tonight to watch streaming video I may begin to believe it but I have been told repeatedly over the years that the problem is fixed only to have the same problem within days or even hours. If we do have decent speed tonight I will see how we are doing a month from now before I fall for the 'it's all fixed now' routine. Sadly, our only other option is dial-up and that ain't happnin'.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spinzilla 2015: Day 6

Yes,  I's Day 7 of Spinzilla....but I stayed up late plying yarn and forgot to post. This is what I finished before heading off to bed...

330 yds of 2 ply X 3 = 990 yds toward my third mile of yarn. Total so far is 4,680 yds.
I am now spinning some recycled cotton from denim.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Spinzilla 2015: Day Five

 This bobbin of 3 ply superwash merino just put me past the 2 mile mark for Spinzilla. 3.6 oz, 414 yds. I will spin the rest of the 8 oz of fiber later.

 I just got started spinning this fiber from Red Fish Dye Works that I ordered at Stitches Texas last month. It came in the mail yesterday. It is actually a darker cranberry color, 50/50 merino/silk.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spinzilla 2015: Day Four

Working on some superwash Merino from Two If By Hand today.  Good to be working in my comfort zone, singles for lace weight.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spinzilla 2015: Day Three

Got most of the singles plied before going to bed last night and finished up this morning. Slept in with a monster of a headache, neck and shoulders complaining from all the spinning no doubt. So far I have 678 yds of 2 ply yarn X 3 for singles and plying = 2,034 yds. I have already passed my mile of yarn and will take some time off today to rest.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spinzilla 2015: Day Two

I had planned to post last night after I finished spinning for the day but due to issues with slow internet I had to postpone. I now have 2 full bobbins and will begin plying tonight. So far I am filling one 4 oz bobbin a day, with interruptions for real life. Tomorrow I will see if I can spin more than one bobbin.

Spinzilla 2015: Day One

Managed to get one bobbin of singles spun today, off and on , throughout the day. Will begin a second bobbin before heading off to bed later. Hope to get more spun during the day for the rest of the week.