Monday, September 8, 2014

Portable Weaving

This post is in response to an email I had asking about the inkle loom in this post: New Inkle Loom.
The person who emailed me asked if the 15" would be good for a beginner and if a light weight loom like this would be sturdy enough.

The 30" loom that I got fits nicely on my folding table, making it great to take with me for demonstrations and meetings with a monthly spinning/weaving group. It sells for $99.00, the smaller 15" loom sells for $60.00. I prefer being able to wind a 4 yard warp on the larger loom compared to a 2 yard warp on the smaller loom. If you are just starting out with inkle or card weaving and don't want to spend more money for the larger loom the 15" loom will probably be fine.

As for how sturdy the 30" loom is: I easily clamped it down to my folding table. I can use two 2 1/2" C-clamps to keep it in place, with a couple of pieces of thin leather to keep from marring the wood. The photos below show one clamp in place....the other clamp is evading me at the moment. I can sit comfortably in my adjustable office chair to weave and the whole setup doesn't take up much room. When I am not using the loom it can sit on top of a bookcase that I use for storage in my studio. The table sits beside my recliner for my laptop when I am not using it.

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