Friday, November 15, 2013

Customizing my Sonata

I knitted and fulled a pouch from handspun wool to hang from my Sonata that will hold my bottle of oil and the hex wrench for adjusting the wheel; then I spun more of the same wool and some white for contrast, with lots of twist for durability, and card wove a band for attaching it to the mother-of-all. I machine stitched the band to either side of the top of the pouch, removed the flyer and the front maiden from the mother-of-all and slipped the mother of all off the wheel to attach the pouch.

In addition to the pouch I added the cup holder from FBN Plastics that arrived in the mail today. The cup holder slips down over the top of the upright that holds the mother-of-all and has a hole for the mother-of-all to slip thru as well as a hole for the attachment screw to go thru. Here is the end result:



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