Saturday, November 23, 2013

On Another Note

I had an interesting experience lately while playing one of my favorite games on Someone in the Everyone Wins Bingo game room I was in had checked out my blog from my profile and announced to the room that I was a hate monger.....for posting links to Pro-Life sites. Yup! That's right! I am a hate monger because I don't believe in murdering unborn children.....go figure!

Trilobite Socks

I have several skeins of the Araucania Ranco yarn that I used for the Cat at the Seashore Pi Shawl and decided to knit up some socks. The first pair are Trilobite Socks from Wendy Johnson's "Socks From the Toe Up". I still have my double pointed needles but I really like using the circular needles to knit socks now because I can try them on while they are on the needles.

And to think.....I used to have such trim ankles. No one told me that getting older could mean puffy ankles as you near age 60!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Customizing my Sonata

I knitted and fulled a pouch from handspun wool to hang from my Sonata that will hold my bottle of oil and the hex wrench for adjusting the wheel; then I spun more of the same wool and some white for contrast, with lots of twist for durability, and card wove a band for attaching it to the mother-of-all. I machine stitched the band to either side of the top of the pouch, removed the flyer and the front maiden from the mother-of-all and slipped the mother of all off the wheel to attach the pouch.

In addition to the pouch I added the cup holder from FBN Plastics that arrived in the mail today. The cup holder slips down over the top of the upright that holds the mother-of-all and has a hole for the mother-of-all to slip thru as well as a hole for the attachment screw to go thru. Here is the end result:




Tuesday, November 12, 2013

End of the Wavy Road

I finished the card weaving project this morning. Starting out with 5 1/3 yds of warp the finished braid is 4 yds 8 3/4 in long.


Monday, November 11, 2013

At Last! Another Finished Object aka FO

A little over a year ago I posted how I was on a mission to finish stuff. Well, I finally finished that pi shawl I posted about, lol. For more on the project pop over here: Only Lace.

Spinning Wheels & Cup Holders....Who Knew??

While at a monthly spin-in yesterday one of the ladies brought a wheel to sell to another member and pointed out the cup holder attached. That's right folks! A cup holder!

Then, a few minutes ago while logged onto Ravelry I noticed a banner ad guessed it....cup holders! I clicked on it and one of the first photos shows a cup holder made for the Kromski Sonata, which is the new wheel at our house.

Be sure and check out FBN Plastics Etsy Shop to find a cup holder to fit your spinning wheel. I just ordered mine!

Happy Spinning Ya'll!

Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel Cup Holder

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Card Weaving

It seemed a good idea to warp up the big inkle loom for card weaving again after watching John Mullarkey's video: Tablet Weaving Made Easy. The pattern below is a wavy road with grass on either side and guard-rail on the edges. You can change up the colors and it becomes a! Next on my to-do list is the second video I ordered: Double-Faced Tablet Weaving, also by John Mullarkey.