Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finishing Stuff

I am on a mission: To Finish Stuff I have started and get to those projects that have been lurking in my bags and baskets. This is one: Another Pi Shawl using Araucania sock yarn. Stitch patterns include Cat's Paw, Old Shale, Crest of the Wave and Print of the Wave. I am starting the 5th repeat of Crest of the Wave and have a total of 8 repeats before beginning Print of the Wave. The name of this shawl is Cat at the Seashore.

Chrome vs Foxfire

I have been trying unsuccessfully to log onto blogger for weeks using Google Chrome. I keep getting a message that Blogger has not been enabled by administrator at domain....blah blah blah. THEN I had a brainstorm....try Firefox. TA DA! Note to self: DO NOT try to use Google Chrome browser to access my blog!