Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wildlife and Midsomer Murders

Do any of you folks out there watch Midsomer Murders? We have Netflix and discovered this British TV show last summer. There are quite a lot of episodes available on streaming video or you can get them on DVD if you prefer.

In watching the show we both kept noticing some kind of critter noises that are common at night in these episodes. I finally decided it had to be a fox. I did a search on the internet and lo and behold...I was right! Fox barking.

Then, just yesterday, while on our evening walk together, hubby told me he found what he thought was a fox den in the wooded area on our property. We have lived on the same 86 acres for the past 37 years and only once or twice have I seen a fox. We have both had plenty of sightings of coyotes and bobcats, even a cougar once. 

This recently excavated hole was once the home of an armadillo. But armadillos don't make mounds this big! Besides, there was a clearly distinctive paw print near the mouth of the hole.

I asked my dear hubby to stick his size 13 boot in the photo to get an idea of the size of the den. The dirt is mounded up over a foot in an area about a yard square....no armadillo house, nope! Not this one!

I found another video of a red fox, which is probably what we have here in Texas, and the bark is different from the first one I posted. This sounds more like what hubby said he has heard near the den. Red Fox ( You might want to skip to about the middle of the video....it is not well filmed and is rather longer than is necessary if you just want to hear what a red fox sounds like.)
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