Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cleaning out the Garage

Hubby and I have been trying to decide what to do about the two, count em, TWO, riding mowers that don't work and have been taking up space in the garage. Bottom line....they gotta go! So, we decided to get them out of the garage, and not allow them back in, and go shopping for a new mower this afternoon. I had suggested tomorrow, but the more he thought about it, he decided to just go do it! (I love a man who isn't afraid of making a decision...which is just one of the reasons we have been married for 37 yrs.)

While he was looking over the mowers trying to decide if one or both were worth fixing up and deciding that they weren't, I started doing a bit of tidying up on my own. We have built in shelving on the wall nearest the back door and it needed to be de-cluttered. After the mowers were out of the way we had room to move a few things away from the area of the back door as well: the two extra dining chairs that go with the dining table that I hate; a table that a friend gave me custody of for the time being; a walker for a tall person in case hubby ever has to have surgery again; the nifty wagon he bought me for Christmas to use when I am doing yard work; and other assorted stuff) Of course, when we get the new mower we will have to make room for that, but in the looks so much better.

Now we need to drop off a ton of stuff that we loaded into the back of the pickup that needs to go to the homeless shelter....drop off the paperwork for the CPA to do our taxes....and go buy a new mower. All in a days work while hubby is off on spring break from the police academy at Grayson College. I have a feeling he will be ready to go back to his position as director of the academy next week to get some rest!

Happy Spring Cleaning to you all!
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