Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quick Sewing Machine Cover

Instead of buying a second carrying case for my other sewing machine I decided to make a cover for it when it is sitting on the sewing table. When not in use I just put it back in the box in came in and store it in the closet. It takes up a lot less room than if I used another carrying case. If I need to take it somewhere with me I can remove the other sewing machine and use that case.

I got the idea for the dust cover after going thru some old pillow cases trying to find one the right size to line a knitting basket. No luck. But when I laid the pillow cases on the sewing table while searching thru them I thought, "Hey! I could use one of these for a dust cover for my Brother sewing machine!

Just find a pillow case that is wide enough, turn it inside out and pull it over the machine (you might want to remove the spool of thread....and my machine lets you lower the spool peg into the top of the machine so it is flush with the top), allow 1/2" seam, pin where you want to cut, fold the pillow case so that the side seams are together, then cut the fabric, rounding the edges. You could even add a piece of cording to the seam to pretty it up a bit.

Ta Da! Finished dust cover!
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