Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Isn't technology wonderful? I am sitting at the Sherman, TX Panera restaurant having breakfast and thinking how much I would like to be in OKC with my mom on her birthday. So, I decided to dedicate this post to her.

She taught me to knit when I was ten years old. When I was twenty I really took off with what she had taught me, along with a little inspiration from Elizabeth Zimmermann.

As you can see from the posts of my finished, and in-progress projects, I am a pretty fair knitter. I credit the 'knitting genes' I inherited from my mom for this, as well as the love of beautiful things and the desire to create.

This photo is of a shawl that mom recently finished for herself while I was visiting her last month. She asked me to work in the ends and block it for her. I have blocking mats and wires and it didn't take long at all to get the job done. Then, my friend, Linda, helped me out by setting up a photo shoot at her lovely house to best set off the shawl. And.....

TA DA! Here it is!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you heaps and gobs!
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