Monday, February 6, 2012

Blocking Table

For years I used the dining table or the bed to block my knitting. Then I remembered I had table leg extensions that a friend's husband had made me back when I was quilting a lot....dug them out of Fibber McGee's closet and put them to use! They raise the table up to waist high on more bending over for long periods of time pinning out my knitting to block it!

I now have space in the dining room to put up the table I took out of the sewing room (which is stored behind a bedroom door when not in use) and, with 'blocking mats' (I bought them at Target...they are intended to be used on the floor for exercise equipment and are larger than normal blocking mats, 19 1/2" square not including the interlocking tabs), and padding on top....I am ready to block a shawl for my mom that she just finished knitting. I will do the washing/blocking tomorrow so it has all day to dry....under the ceiling fan in the dining room!

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