Monday, January 23, 2012

Time to get back to blogging

Time to get back to my blogging. I just haven't been interested in it for a while, but will make more of an effort to make it a regular habit.

Starting off this year I have reorganized my craft room, which had turned into more of an office with the advent of the desktop computer 11 yrs ago. The desktop is out and we now have 2 laptops and the room is free for my crafts once again.

I had hoped to get everything in that room.....but there isn't a place for all the spinning wheels. I need to be able to work around the loom, even though it isn't huge, and have access to storage and a place to set up the sewing machine. There are currently 2 spinning wheels in the smaller bedroom and 2 in the dining room  as well as a floor inkle loom on loan from a friend.

I left a small table in one corner for the wireless printer and modem since that is where the cable connection is. There is also room on that table to set a laptop and back it up to the external hard drive. Hubby now has a table/desk in the master bedroom, mine is in the living room where I can keep track of what is cooking on the stove or watch TV while computing.

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