Saturday, September 10, 2011

Card Weaving

A friend of mine has recently started me off with card weaving and we both attended a class at Apple Leef Farm and learned a lot. At first I was just working on my weaving by attaching it to a belt around my waist with the other end attached to a door knob that just happens to be across the living room from my chair. Then my friend asked me if I had room for her floor inkle loom....well.....duh! It is currently hanging out at my house (I have custody of it at the moment) and I am no longer attached to the door making it impossible for DH to have to crawl over my weaving.

I am having serious fun and now I need another plastic container for the balls of #10 crochet thread that I use for weaving. (And to think that I gave bags of the stuff the same friend who got me started with the card weaving! LOL) That's OK. It's not like I needed an excuse to buy thread...
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