Friday, May 13, 2011

Ode To My Dishwasher

The most wonderful devices known to man are of absolutely no use without some assistance from us.

O, dishwasher, dishwasher, thou marvelous machine!
Whatever goes in comes out spotlessly clean.

No spots, no stains, no, nothing so trite
When once I discovered the thing that you like.

No powders or liquids to make you say 'ouch.'
You prefer a detergent that comes in a pouch!

No wondering, no guessing the rinse aid to add
A light comes on and makes me so glad!

At the end of your cycle such a nice little chime
Telling all that your task is done in good time.

O, clever, O modern, O lovely machine!
To all of my friends your praises I sing.

In spite of your marvels, gadgets and such
One thing only remains and yet it means much.

In order for you to accomplish all that we see
It only requires one simple action from me.

For, no matter your strengths, for the dishes no shower
Unless and until I push the button marked 'Power.'

Patricia Blankenship 5/13/11
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