Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Organized

It never fails: I go to my LYS for knitting needles and think I know what I need and end up duplicating something I already have. So....I spent the evening cataloging my knitting needles and creating a spread sheet for all my double pointed bamboo needles, addi turbo and addi turbo lace circular needles.

Now I have a couple of index cards with the info on them to keep in my wallet and I know what I don't have for a visit to the Woolie Ewe tomorrow with some of the ladies from Red River Fiber Arts in Sherman. I love playing chauffeur for my friends, especially when it is for a trip to the yarn shop.

I also re-bagged all my circular needles in ziplock plastic bags and labeled them with the needle size. I still need a better way to store my double pointed needles and not have to hunt to find 5 of the same size. They are currently in a jar on my desk....still working on that idea.

The addi lace needles are hanging where I can get to them easily and the others are in the top drawer of my wicker end table.
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