Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Only Human...or... I'm Made in the Image of God ?

I hear so many times the tired old phrase, "I'm only human!", that really is nothing more than an excuse not to grow in holiness. Sure. We are human. We make mistakes. But what ever happened to the other perspective?: We are made in the image of God.

When we say we are only human doesn't that put the brakes on overcoming our shortcomings to some extent? How about this approach: God made me in His image. He expects a lot from me and gives me the grace and courage to accomplish His will in my life. Only we humans are made in God's image. Think about that for a while.

Remember that God created us and put us in charge of the rest of this earth: animals, plants, resources. We are not beasts in the field who are only intent on satisfying their needs for food and reproduction. We are above the beasts. God expects us to use the brains He gave us and realize that repeatedly making the same mistakes over and over again, expecting a different outcome, is insane.

I am tired of making excuses and hearing others excuses. Why don't we all aspire to something better than making demeaning remarks about God's creation?

Try this on for size: "Heavenly Father, I know I fall short and disappoint you, but you know I love you. Forgive my weakness and give me the strength to live up to my duties without in any way demeaning your creation. Help me to be humble without embracing a false humility that leads me to make excuses for my behavior as though I am not capable of more. Give me the strength to be perfect as you are. Help me to have perfect love for my fellow man as you do for all of us, your children." Amen.
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