Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tea Time

Time for a break and a 'spot of tea' on a rainy November afternoon. There are three Harney & Sons teas that I especially like and can be purchased at the Boiler Room in Sherman, TX: Peppermint Herbal, Yellow & Blue (chamomile and lavender) and Dragon Pearl Jasmine.

Since I needed a pick-me-up I chose the Dragon Pearl Jasmine. The teapot was a gift from my mom and I bought the cup at a Southwest Spinners & Weavers retreat many moons ago in New Mexico.

And so, tea pot at hand, I go back to my knitting and my audio book...and try to remember what pattern, sett and weave that hand-woven tea towel is in the picture. I remember I used mercerized cotton crochet thread. By the way, that is a plum in the photo, not an apple. I stopped by Kroger on the way home.
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