Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phase One Complete!

I am happy to announce that Phase One of Pat's Operation Feline Rescue is a success! Some sorry individual threw out a momma cat and her three kittens and they have been hiding in the woods much to near the road for me. She is very skittish and wary of humans, who can blame her?

I went out with some canned tuna and the kittens came running. Momma wasn't there. I picked up the kittens after they had eaten and took them to the house and gave them some water. I went back out to the road to look for momma and didn't find her. When I got back to the house she was in the front yard with the kittens! Such a smart little girl! She most definitely does not like me any where near those kittens, but she did actually take a bite of food from my hand. Take a good look at the closer photo of momma....she is slightly cross-eyed! She looks to have a bit of Siamese in her.

My plan is to let her be for a few days and simply provide food and water until she calms down a bit and I can get her into a carrier along with her kittens and get her to someone who can provide her a home. I am allergic and cats just don't last long out here in the country unless there are dogs around to keep the predators away.
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