Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Tribute: To My Husband

This is for my husband, Brad. He retired in March of 2005 after 28 years in law enforcement and looked forward to spending more time teaching at the Texoma Regional Police Academy. While he was recovering from back surgery in December he was asked to step in as acting director of the academy until someone could be found to take the permanent position.

After much deliberation he decided to apply for the permanent position himself. He just got word this morning: He called to inform me that from now on I would have to address him as Mr. Director. He got it!

I am so happy for him. He deserves it so much and has put so much of himself into the position already. He has a chance to make a real difference in area law enforcement as Director and to ensure that the next generation of police officers in this part of Texas are the best trained in the state.

Way to go! I am with you all of the way.....after 35 years of marriage where else would I be?
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